09 February 2018

Microsoft's Panda

There is no equal access on Bing... And Microsoft is using Panda to say sorry...

This feature isn't available in your region. Here's something you can always find -- the Bing homepage

17 March 2016

SOLVED - Ubuntu Wi-Fi with Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 on HP 14-d010au Notebook

Like in other notebooks,  Ubuntu have Wi-Fi problem too on HP 14-d010au notebook, running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr). Wi-Fi connection didn't work. The  Ubuntu 'Network Manager' said 'Wi-Fi is disabled by hardware switch'. Well... HP-14-d010au has no hardware switch at all.

On Googling, thousands answers has been revealed, since this kind of problem start to appears 5 or 6 years ago (wow... old problem that still exist). Including for Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 internal wi-fi card that come with HP 14-d010au.

After testing and trying hundreds suggestions, finally the problem solved in simple way... not by finding ways to turn on the wi-fi hardware swicth, but by finding the way to make its final purpose work: have a wifi connection.

Wicd Network Manager

The simple solution is by not using the default Network Manager provided by Ubuntu. Instead, install Wicd Networ Manager that availabe in Ubuntu Software Center (try to connect to internet using any possible connection to install it: wired LAN maybe).

Like magic, Wicd automatically make the Wi-Fi work, detect the internal wi-fi card, automatically scan available hotspots, and give choice to connect to the hotspots. Click connect and we have internet connection using wi-fi. Proble solved.

Ubuntu Sofware Center - New Problem and Solved Too

New problem appear as Ubuntu Software Center  didn't recognize the wi-fi connection as a 'internet or network connection'.  All 'Install' button turned  to grey like if we are working offline. Can not install anything.

After Googling here and there,  a solution exist.  Turn off the default  Ubuntu's Network Manager.  By turn of means really turn it off.  We can disable networking through Network Manager icon in top right screen, but it is not enough. We have to turn it off entirely using terminal as administrator.  And it is a simple thing to do. Just use the following command:

sudo stop network-manager

Magically, after a few second, the 'Install' button become available and working.  And the Ubuntu Software Center can be used normally.

If we have done playing with Ubuntu Software Center, we cand bring the default Network Manager easily using command:

sudo start network-manager

Uninstall The Default Network Manager?

On googling, some peoples give suggestion to uninstall the default Network Manager, so there is only one network manager, the Wicd Network Manager. But actually, it is not necessary. Let them live together.  

Use Wicd Network Manager when we need a wifi connection, and kill Network Manager when we want to use the Ubuntu Software Center.

Use Network Manager when connect to internet using cable LAN, or in my case, using USB Tethering from Android phone.

Have fun...

Originally, HP 14-d010au come with Ubuntu as its official OS.  I replace it with Win8 for months and finally want to go back to Ubuntu. Why not dual OS? Nahhh... bye pirated OS... for a while... :D


13 February 2016

Picasaweb is Death... Google Soon...

Finally Google announces its plan to shudown Picaweb and Picasa.  Picasa on March 15, 2016... Picasaweb on May 1, 2016...

A stupid move from Google...you should be shutdown too...


here is the offiical stupid announcement..

Moving on from Picasa

Friday, February 12, 2016 10:00 AM

Since the launch of Google Photos, we’ve had a lot of questions around what this means for the future of Picasa. After much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to retire Picasa over the coming months in order to focus entirely on a single photo service in Google Photos. We believe we can create a much better experience by focusing on one service that provides more functionality and works across mobile and desktop, rather than divide our efforts across two different products.

We know for many of you, a great deal of care has gone into managing your photos and videos using Picasa—including the hours you’ve invested and the most precious moments you’ve trusted us with. So we will take some time in order to do this right and provide you with options and easy ways to access your content. We’ve outlined below some of the changes you can expect.

Picasa Web Albums
If you have photos or videos in a Picasa Web Album today, the easiest way to still access, modify and share most of that content is to log in to Google Photos, and all your photos and videos will already be there. Using Google Photos, you can continue to upload and organize your memories, as well as enjoy other great benefits like better ways to search and share your images.

However, for those of you who don’t want to use Google Photos or who still want to be able to view specific content, such as tags, captions or comments, we will be creating a new place for you to access your Picasa Web Albums data. That way, you will still be able to view, download, or delete your Picasa Web Albums, you just won’t be able to create, organize or edit albums (you would now do this in Google Photos).

One thing to make clear is that none of this is happening today—if you have a Picasa Web Album you can keep using it as normal. We’ll start rolling out these changes on May 1, 2016.

Desktop application
As of March 15, 2016, we will no longer be supporting the Picasa desktop application. For those who have already downloaded this—or choose to do so before this date—it will continue to work as it does today, but we will not be developing it further, and there will be no future updates. If you choose to switch to Google Photos, you can continue to upload photos and videos using the desktop uploader at photos.google.com/apps.

Finally for developers, we will also be retiring some functions of the Picasa API. Developers can learn more here.

Again, none of these changes are happening today, and we’ll continue to update you along the way. We apologize for any inconvenience this transition causes, but we want to assure you that we are doing this with the aim of providing the best photos experience possible. Google Photos is a new and smarter product, that offers a better platform for us to build amazing experiences and features for you in the future.

01 June 2014

Springpad is Shutting Down

Springpad Says Googdbye

Dear ....,

We are very sorry to announce that Springpad will be shutting down on June 25th. At that point, Springpad.com will no longer be available and all online and sync features of the mobile apps will stop working. Read more about this announcement.

It's our top priority to help you during this transition. We have created multiple ways for you to take next steps with your Springpad data including a full Evernote migration option, a viewable html data backup and an importable file for other services to use. Please visit https://springpad.com/savemystuff before June 25th to export your data.

Thank you to our loyal users - We hope that you have enjoyed using Springpad as much as we enjoyed building it for you!

Export Your Data Now

We understand that this transition may be difficult for many of you and we will try to help as much as possible. If you have questions or need help, please visit the Springpad Shutdown FAQ


The Springpad Team

02 March 2014

Exit Strategy: Imo Way

Ah.... imo... bye... 


We originally launched imo as a browser based messaging service to manage all of your IM accounts. Since then we have also developed apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Amazon.

To provide the best and most reliable service for our users, we need to focus on the areas we feel we can make the biggest impact. We are now going to concentrate on building out our own communications platform to help people easily connect in their everyday lives. Our goal is to create the fastest and most reliable messaging, voice and video call service in the world.

On March 3, 2014, we will start discontinuing support for all third-party instant messaging networks. We know change isn't always easy, but we hope our users will trust that this will make imo an even better service.

You will be able to download your chat history on o.imo.im from third-party networks until March 7, 2014.

To download your history:
1. Visit o.imo.im
2. Click the gear in the top right
3. Select Preferences
4. Select the Export chat history option
Thank you to all of our loyal users